My Moleskine 2.0 in Hong Kong

mymoleskine_20_490.jpg Pierce a notebook, color it, cut it, add flaps, icons, maps, pockets, combine it with other tools, hack it according to your needs and your taste.

This is the theme of My Moleskine 2.0, a competition launched in May 2009 in Hong Kong, collecting international submissions from Moleskine users on the popular theme of "Life hacking".

Life hacking is the art of finding new custumized tools and tricks, both analogue and digital, to organize time and life. Over one hundred people from various countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA responded to the open call. About 40 qualified for the second round of the competition: My Moleskine 2.0 Exhibition will showcase the selected ones in five City'super stores in Hong Kong, from July 15th to 30th 2009. Visitors of the shop can flick through them and vote the most innovative idea. The winner will be entitled to a lifetime supply of Moleskine notebooks.

You can view a selection the hacks on the online gallery. MyMoleskine 2.0 is a project by Moleskine, Stepcase Lifehack and City'super/LOG-ON.

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