The myCloud Backpack

Moleskine myCloud Backpack
In this post, we take a closer look at the design thinking behind the myCloud Backpack. With every detail specifically designed to make life easier for the urban nomad, here are four ways you can keep organised on the go. 
Moleskine myCloud Backpack  Moleskine myCloud Backpack
Adaptable format. 
The classic way to wear the myCloud Backpack is on the back, using the chest strap for extra comfort. But our designers added webbing to attach the Backpack to luggage handles, so it can be pulled along. It can also be turned into a shoulder bag by tucking the straps into the zipped compartment and adjusting the shoulder strap to the required length, whereas the padded handle lets you move your things quickly from one hot desk to another.
Easy search. 
Time is precious, and the myCloud Backpack helps you save it with a few clever design details. The colour of the inner lining has been specially selected to brighten the interior, making its various compartments more visible so it's easier to find things in a rush. Metal eyelets and the snap-hook are convenient places to hang keys, usbs, IDs and transit cards so you might just catch that train after all.  
Moleskine myCloud Backpack  Moleskine myCloud Backpack
High security. 
Nothing's worse than getting pickpocketed, which is why our designers included hidden pockets for your most valuable possessions. Located underneath the flap, they are accessed via a side zip, making it difficult for passers-by to get to your things. 
The right dimensions. 
The Backpack contains a variety of compartments, each one created to hold a different tool. Designed to contain a 15" laptop, a tablet, a large Moleskine notebook and two pens, the various pockets join the elastic closure on the inside of the flap, designed to hold rolled-up magazines, posters, umbrellas or bread sticks to keep your belongings secure while you're running up the escalator. 
myCloud Bags. 
The myCloud Bag Series is a collection of containers inspired by the digital cloud and made for the moving world. Defined by what goes inside - your things, your personality - they are a cloud to make your own. Personalise the luggage tag by connecting to and creating your very own profile to print out, insert and carry with you, wherever you go. 


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