myCloud Bags: The Green Collection

myCloud Backpack Green
Just like our notebooks, our bags are designed with every last detail in mind. The  myCloud Bag Series is certainly no exception. Now available in  Moss Green, they come in Reporter, Messenger, Tote and Backpack models. A functional object for  transporting and protecting your things, the elastic band and Velcro closures keeping contents intact. Adjustable shoulder straps give  a better fit, with shoulder pads and concealable waist straps for  extra comfort. Keys, hooks and small tools can be hung on the metal snap-hooks and eyelets, while exterior pockets give  quick access to maps, tickets and metro passes. 
myCloud Bags Green  myCloud Bag Green
On the inside,  myCloud Bags are filled with pockets, compartments and loops specifically cut to hold such items as pens, notebooks, keys, devices and laptops. The coloured interior lining makes it  easier to find things in a rush. 
myCloud Bags Green  myCloud Bags Green
The  myCloud Bag Series has been designed with this  level of detail so that you can make it yours. Fill your bag with the things that make you  you; whether  you means Illuminated Conquistador, Ecological Wanderer or Analog Blogger. Find out who you are and tell the world by playing the game at

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