myCloud Bags and Wallets: Always on the move


You're always on the move. Your home is an email address. Your bag is always packed – it has more stuff in it than your bedroom. You're curious about the city you're in. That is, until you move on to the next one. 
The city might change but the bag remains the same. It's full of the objects that convey who you are. The new myCloud Series from Moleskine is defined by what you put inside: your things, your personality. Your cloud. Wherever you're going next. 
Moleskine myCloud Bags Wallets
myCloud Bags.
Keeping all your belongings together are a variety of compartments, loops and pockets specifically designed to fit essential on-the-road items. The coloured lining makes it easier to find your things in a rush. 
Outside, elastic band and Velcro closures keep all your contents intact. Adjustable shoulder straps give you a better fit, with shoulder pads and concealable waist straps offering extra comfort. Metal snap-hooks and eyelets let you grasp hold of keys, hooks and small tools quickly, while exterior pockets give you quick access to maps, tickets and metro passes. 
myCloud Wallets.
Use the rounded rectangle and elastic band as your wallet, carrying not just notes and ideas but everyday essentials in a two-tone colourway. 
Choose the Double Wallet for its two compartments and dual closure, the Zip Wallet for keeping control of coins and trinkets, the Passport Wallet for staying super organized on the road, the Horizontal Wallet for its reversible format and the Smart Wallet for its exterior card  slots and back pocket.
The myCloud Series connects to an online game called My Analog Cloud. Play it to generate and share your daily personal profile. 

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