myCloud Smallpack and Briefcases

Moleskine myCloud Bags  Moleskine myCloud Bags
Headphones. Sketching set. Yoga mat. Ukulele. What did you pack in your bag today? Its contents can say more about you than you might think. They reveal your personality and remind you of your values in a crazy, nonstop world. Designed to help you express yourself on the move, our myCloud Bag Series welcomes three new styles: the Smallpack, the Briefcase and the Briefcase Curve.
Moleskine myCloud Bags  Moleskine myCloud Bags
If you require a sturdy container for the working day that you can carry comfortably, the myCloud Briefcase is a discreet and functional bag in Payne's Grey that will blend into any office or urban environment. For those looking to make a statement, the Scarlet Red hue of the myCloud Briefcase Curve will brighten your day. With its rounded corners and maximum storage space, it makes an elegant carryall for any multi-tasker. Those who travel light but need access to their most essential tools wherever they go may find the myCloud Smallpack an indispensable companion on their everyday journeys. Available in both colorways, this compact backpack is dainty yet well-organized, keeping you productive on-to-go.
Moleskine myCloud Bags  Moleskine myCloud Bags  Moleskine myCloud Bags
A bag is the strange space where the different facets of your identity come together. Analog and digital tools collide as you go about your day, always by your side. To ensure maximum flexibility, all myCloud Bags include adjustable and concealable shoulder strap with buckle (excluding Smallpack, registered design), strap for attaching bag to trolley handles, business card pocket, removable pocket for umbrella or water bottle, collapsible reusable shopping bag, luggage tag that fits My Analog Cloud profile. 
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