myDetour Tokyo: the Gallery

myDetour Tokyo

A box full of Moleskine notebooks, hacked into art pieces, with drawings, illustrated stories, imaginative decorations.

Tokyo responded very generously to the myDetour call. Drop boxes were filled with decorated notebooks. All submitted work are now included in the travelling collection of myDetour, shown around the world in the Moleskine events. A selection of these notebooks are displayed in this gallery.

The first selected by the jury is Tomoko's "Faces", a series of embroidery portraits on light cotton lint, with a pink&white stripes ribbon framing them. Each look has a different background hidden under the white surface so to give more impact to their glance. Tomoko is invited to the opening of the next Detour event.

All participating notebooks are donated to the non profit Foundation lettera27, supporting the right to literacy and the access to knowledge in developing countries.

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