myDetour 5x5 in Milan

5x5_490.jpg myDetour 5x5 Press Conference at la Feltrinelli, Piazza Piemonte, Milan.

A Moleskine special project for Feltrinelli to support lettera27 Foundation.

There were Inge Feltrinelli and Paolo Soraci for Feltrinelli, Maria Sebregondi for Moleskine, Nico Colonna for GUT and Iolanda Pensa for lettera 27.

For more information: (in italian).

da sinistra: Nico Colonna, Maria Sebregondi, Paolo Soraci, Inge Feltrinelli 5x5_teca01.jpg 5x5_teca02.jpg 5x5_fabioinge.jpg
5x5_lettera27.jpg 5x5_cartoline.jpg

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