myDetour Tokyo 東京

tokyo490.jpgAfter stop in San Francisco (10 sept - 1 oct), the Moleskine creative relay is fast approaching the city of Tokyo, from october 16th to november 4th.

In 5 centrally located design stores and bookshops (Cibone Aoyama, Aoyama Book Center, Spiral Records, Nadiff, Tsutaya) a drop box will be installed to collect decorated notebooks. Together with drop boxes, stores will host displays of decorated notebooks collected in previous myDetour stops.

In order to get the word out among the creative community of Tokyo, a large teaser dissemination campaign is about to start, with 28.000 teasers distributed by art students in selected locations within design and art oriented districts.

Lectures will be held to students of 3 different art and design universities of Tokyo by Detour authors Kenya Hara and Erina Matsui.

The best notebooks will become part of the permanent online myDetour gallery:

Notebooks donated in Tokyo will join the lettera27 Foundation archive and travel around the world.


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