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Wherever you go, they go. Your digital devices follow you throughout the day (and night) always within reach to catch a call, a thought or a moment. Just like your planners and notebooks. The only difference is that instead of a scribble or sketch you use a swipe or a click.


With the new collection of Moleskine digital device covers you can bring your analog and digital notes even closer together. The distinctive rounded corners, in case of loss notice and elastic band closure that make Moleskine notebooks so iconic are especially re-designed to keep your digital notes and identity safe from jolts and scratches. The added bonus? They come with a complimentary Volant XS journal, for those notes that can't be swiped. 


For maximum protection turn your iPhone 6/6s/7 into a Moleskine notebook with a Book-Type Case that pairs classic Moleskine design details with useful features like a card slot in the back. Now available in Scarlet Red, Sapphire Blue, Slate Grey and classic Black. For instant access to the screen choose the Hard Case, now available in striking palettes: Sapphire Blue, Scarlet Red, Slate Grey, Peach Orange, Sage Green and classic Black. 


A new addition to the range of iPhone covers is the Journey Hard Case with its paper-inspired designed, perfect for globetrotters and dreamers. For bigger screens coose between the Classic iPad Hard Case and the Classic Universal Tablet Case. Both feature the distinctive Moleskine elastic closure and give your tablet a paper touch.

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