The new myMoleskine is here

myMoleskine is the place where Moleskine enthusiasts convene to upload photos of creative projects that use Moleskine notebooks as their canvas.

From portraits and landscapes hand-sketched on the pages of a notebook or sketch album, to watercolors, collages and visual mind maps; the range of styles, mediums and genres is as limitless as the creativity they express. The members of our online community capture their inspiration wherever it strikes using analogical tools to express their creativity. Thanks to today's digital tools they are able to upload and share their creations online.

With the new myMoleskine release community members will now be able to interact with each other, ranking each other's artwork, sending private messages and following their favorite artists. Individual profiles can now be fully personalized, increasing the visibility of both the artist and the artwork. Integration with Dropbox and Adobe Creative Cloud makes it even easier to create, edit and upload pictures of your artwork, while integration with social media platforms make it easy to share uploads with friends and followers outside the Moleskine community.

myMoleskine is both a virtual gallery and a hub, somewhere to find likeminded creative types and Moleskine lovers, somewhere to build a portfolio of artwork without necessarily being a professional artist and somewhere to be inspired by the handicrafts of people like you all over the world.

Whatever your artform, from doodle, hack or collage, to portrait or still life, the creativity you express on the pages of your Moleskine notebooks is waiting to be shared. Go to the place where imaginations meet, join myMoleskine.

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