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The classic hard cover notebook in four new shades

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It used to be black or nothing. Then there was red. And finally in 2013, white. With the new 2016 color collection, Moleskine introduces its classic hard cover notebook in four new shades: coral orange, sapphire blue, willow green and citron yellow.

What color notebook are you?

In line with its classic contemporary nature, Moleskine has developed a palette of soft, natural colors with a vibrant touch. Our carefully crafted ecosystem of everyday objects is mindful of tendencies and trends but we also trust our instincts when it comes to colors, materials and finishing. The resulting tonalities are fresh and vitaminic, with a slightly ethnic mood, to represent the urban tribal spirit.


Will you match your Moleskine notebook with your outfit, your mood or the other items on your desk? Will you color-code your projects, ideas and bookshelves? Or simply go with your favorite hue, regardless?


Whatever you choose, stay true to your inner color chart. Coral orange: Friendly, warm, accessible, enveloping. Sapphire blue: Rich, vibrant, exciting, escapist, luxurious, sophisticated. Citron yellow: Crisp, soothing, glowing. Willow green: Reflective, composed, understated, alluring.

With all the features of the legendary notebook like rounded corners, ivory-colored, acid free paper and expandable back pocket,  the new color palette adds zest to your ideas. 

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