New titles: Inspiration and Process in Architecture


Moleskine Inspiration and Process in Architecture
How much can simply observing and sketching our environment help us form deeper connections with a place? New titles in the Inspiration and Process in Architecture series reveal previously unseen preliminary work and processes from celebrated architectural practices around the world. With one monograph dedicated to each studio, their pages contain drawings, ideas and projects – from Kengo Kuma in Japan to Marcio Kogan and Studio MK27 in Brazil. The following new titles join existing books featuring Zaha Hadid, Studio Mumbai, Cino Zucchi and Dominique Perrault, among others.
Moleskine Kengo Kuma
Kengo Kuma Through never before seen notes and drawings, the seminal maestro aims to erase architecture, finding harmony between natural and artificial and mediating the encounter between man and the environment.
Moleskine Grafton Architects
Grafton Architects The Dublin-based studio shares its drawings and personal insights from world-renowned projects including the extension of the Glasgow School of Art, Bocconi University in Milan and the new campus for UTEC University in Lima.
Moleskine Frits Palmboom
Frits Palmboom One of Europe's most famous and established urbanists reveals how drawing by hand helps to understand the complex relation between nature and artifact.
Moleskine Michael Graves
Michael Graves The American architect's visual diary, which divides architectural design into three distinctive moments: referential sketches, preparatory studies and final drawing.
Moleskine Marcio Kogan Studio MK27
Marcio Kogan Studio MK27 Sketches, site visits, meetings and lunches straight from the heart of bustling São Paolo. Contemporary Brazilian architecture at its best.
With over 100 full colour images reproduced in a clothbound notebook with rounded corners, ribbon bookmark, elastic closure and lie-flat stitching, each book offers a different and never before seen perspective on the multifaceted profession of architecture. 
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