New step in the Detour journey: Shanghai

Travel writer and blogger  Rebec Hohoho at the Detour Shanghai opening party

Detour, the travelling exhibition of decorated Moleskine notebooks, comes to a new chapter, in Shanghai at Bund18. The personal journals and sketchbooks created by 50 internationally celebrated authors will be on display until November 20th. Along with renowned international names such as designers Ron Arad, Karim Said, Tord Boontje and musicians Sigur Ros, many new Chinese authors, coming from several backgrounds, have joined the show. Among them, the celebrated film directors Zhang Yuan, Cheng Liang and Jia Zhangke, the fashion designer Joseph Li, the photographer Wang Xiaohui, the blogger Han Han, the designers Alan Chan and Lv Yong Zhong, the musician-deejay Mc Yan, and the visual artists Ai WeiWei and Yang Yongliang. Many authors attended the opening party on October 20th, watch the video and click on Flickr to discover the guests.
DetourShanghai03.jpg DetourShanghai02.jpg DetourShanghai04.jpg DetourShanghai05.jpg 
Curated by Raffaella Guidobono, Detour displays the notebooks in transparent boxes, specially designed for the exhibit by Italian studio Zetalab, with openings for hands, through which the public can actually touch and browse through the authors pages, after wearing special gloves. Some works contain extensive stories, some are just collectors of rough ideas jotted down quickly by the authors, and some others are turned into pieces of contemporary art and design.

While sketching on his Moleskine notebook, Detour author Zhang Yuan, film director, talks about his main source of inspiration, the hutongs, the alleys of Beijing.

The notebook by Detour author MC Yan, musician and deejay from Hong Kong.

myDetour, the side project that always takes place in conjuntion with Detour exhibitions, invites Moleskine enthusiasts to participate by dropping their own notebooks in special collecting boxes located in selected bookshops around the city. A selection of these notebooks will travel to the next myDetour shows. Together with drop boxes, each participating bookshop displays notebooks collected in previous myDetour cities. Moleskine also cooperates with several art and design schools in Shanghai for workshops that will result in more decorated notebooks to be shown in myDetour venues. Here below, an example from Tonji University: urban planning professor Lou Yongqi and Detour author Carl Liu introduced the students to the use of notebook as a tool for collecting images, ideas and new concepts. See more images of the workshop here.
myDetour_Shanghai235_03.jpg myDetour Shanghai_235_04.jpg

Detour and myDetour notebooks are permanently shown on the Gallery.
  Detour_Shanghai_gallery235_04.jpg Detour_Shanghai_gallery235_03.jpg

All Detour and myDetour authors donated their notebooks to the project, thus supporting the lettera27 Foundation and the Ailing Foundation, both involved in cultural projects for the promotion of literacy, education, art and knowledge.

Detour Shanghai

October 21 - November 20, 2010

10 am - 10 pm

18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu

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