Bob Noorda Design, a new book publishing project

Even if you  aren't familiar with his name, you will probably recognize his designs, visual guides, typefaces, graphic systems. Walking into the subway in New York City or in Milan, you will see the famous and thoughtful graphic system conceived by Noorda.

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"A good design project must not be influenced by trends but must last as long as possible," said Noorda in 2005. And based on his legacy of work, it is hard to disagree.

The book is a design work in and of itself, conceived and designed by Noorda, it represents his last project before his death in 2010. It divides his career into decades and each begins with a thought provoking essay contextualizing the work.

Reading like a biography and history of design in one, this book is a definitive look at a career spanning generations which continues to inspire people working in the field today. This imprint is the first English language release.

Like the John Alcorn book that preceeded it, Bob Noorda Design follows the life and designs of an influential artist and in so doing explores the history of contemporary design. Our books delve into the creative processes of professionals who embody the Moleskine values of creativity and inspiration.

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