Notebook exhibition in Manila

Audrey_Salmon490.jpg(in the above pictures, a work by Audrey Salmon)

San Francisco, Osaka, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Antwerp, Singapore, Milan, Florence, Parma, Naples, Rome: notebook sharing projects keep on visiting cities, multiplying exchanges, visions and ideas.

Manila is a new stop, with the"My Moleskine" project: until January 22nd in 4 National Book Stores a unique interactive exhibit allows the audience to peruse the notebooks of 34 local and foreign artists based in Asia, coming from various fields (design, photography, painting and music).

(Nel video l'inaugurazione)

Alongside the project "MyMoleskine Open Call": creative talents can drop their own decorated Moleskine notebooks in the special collection boxes.

A selection of these works will join the Moleskine travelling collection and participate in 2010 exhibitions around the world.

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