Notes for the Future


There are endless choices when it comes to recording and sharing our ideas. Reliable analog tools are converging with innovations in technology to produce new ways of working. So what's the future of note-taking? In celebration of 150 years of the Politecnico di Milano we invited various creative thinkers to share their thoughts on the subject in the first of a series of gatherings we call Notes for the Future. Follow the discussion in the voicemap above, and watch the video round-up below.
Stay tuned for further Notes for the Future events coming soon.
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Click on the time to go straight to a specific speaker:

1:26 Luca Barcellona, calligrapher
1:39 Giuseppina Panza di Biumo, curator of Giuseppe Panza di Biumo art collection
2:32 Paolo Paolini, professor at Politecnico di Milano 
0:35 Frank Rose, writer and journalist
2:49 Maria Sebregondi, VP of brand equity & communication at Moleskine
2:10 Giuliano Torrengo, professor at Università Statale di Milano
0:45 Mark Vanderbeeken, senior partner at Experientia, strategic communication expert
1:10 Mirta Vernice, researcher at Università Bicocca, Milan
0:25 Chaired by: Marco Cosenza, Journalist at Wired Italy and ANSA news agency

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