The Simpsons Numbered Notebook

Simpsons Numbered Notebook
The Moleskine Simpsons Limited Edition Collection welcomes a fifth presence to the fold as the Simpsons Numbered Notebook arrives exclusively in Moleskine Stores
With just 9,999 copies up for grabs, each notebook is hand-stamped with its number and Homer Certimafied. Featuring a white cover with a silver foil debossing of Homer holding a pencil to his chin, the elastic band and bookmark ribbon retain his true colour, yellow. Matt Groening's signature is debossed in the bottom right corner.
An illustrated map of Springfield is printed on the endpapers, while the themed stickers in the back pocket and the motif of Homer in a skipping sequence printed on the back of the paperband can be used as drawing aids or tools for inspiration, bringing the Simpsons' iconic wit and classic charm to the blank pages of the notebook.
Simpsons Numbered Moleskine Notebook  Simpsons Numbered Moleskine Notebook
Competition: Do you already have a yellow or black Moleskine Simpsons notebook? For your chance to be one of the lucky 9,999 owners of the Simpsons Numbered Notebook,  send us a selfie of yourself with your Moleskine Simpsons notebook by uploading it to  myMoleskine with the tag  #M_thesimpsons.
The Simpsons Numbered Notebook is available exclusively in Moleskine Stores worldwide (see the list here) and online.

Print in MSK format