Back to the old school

Moleskine Planners
Stop what you're doing and step away from the overflowing desktop/pile of washing up/queue at the supermarket for a second. Transport yourself back in time : we're going back to school.
Do you still have your old school diary? That precious book filled with ink blots, secret messages and maths homework that stayed with you every day, when one year was a lifetime. A volume that contains so much history; our adolescence chronicled and archived across its pages.
Countless hours passed in the library exchanging messages written in code. That brief period when you decided you wanted to be a songwriter, scribbling verses in the back row. The day you finally completed your Pokémon collection, the last card proudly affixed to the page. A paper planner is so much more than just deadlines and reminders: it's a true documentation of who we are now, and who we once were.  Unearth your archive : dig out your old diaries and create a  time capsule, ready to be rediscovered in years to come.
Moleskine Planners  Moleskine Planners
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