Side notes to the Oscars®

What the stars really think about the Big Night

Glimpse into the thoughts of award winning actors by turning the pages of the Moleskine 2016 Oscars Custom Edition notebook.  For the first time in Moleskine history the internal pages of the notebook have been custom printed. True to the spirit of the Oscars that reminds us of the power of human imagination, the custom printed pages feature inspiring handwritten quotes from Academy members including, among others, Steven Spielberg and Kate Winslet.

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A gold foil stamp features the emblem of the Awards Ceremony – the Oscars statuette – on the cover of the notebook which will be gifted to attendees and sold for a limited time at the Awards Gift Shop. A limited number of copies of the notebook have been created. 

The front and end pages have also been custom printed. A black and white photograph of the first Academy Awards banquet in 1929 and a dedication penned by the Academy on the front pages invite the owners of the notebook to "be inspired by the wisdom of our members … no matter your creative path, may this notebook lead you one step closer to your own Oscar moment". On the back pages a final message: the future is anything we imagine. 

Creativity Challenge: Illustrate your favorite movie
Some of the most epic scenes of all time feature in Oscar nominated movies. Create an illustration of your favorite movie. It can be anything: a sketch of the most iconic scene, a tribute to the poster art, even just its title. We'll pick our favorite submission among the three most voted ones. If it is yours, we'll send you a box full of Moleskine goodness including the 2016 Oscars Custom Edition notebook. Participate now!

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