Paper planners: for meaningful moments


Moleskine Planners 2015
Digital calendars are useful but there are times when you don't want to be beeped or buzzed.  Take a break from the wired workstation and think about the moments that make your day meaningful. What do you want to remember when you look back on a week, month or year? A paper planner can help you remember those meaningful moments.  
Moleskine Planners 2015  Moleskine Planners 2015
Fill as much space as you want – from a large Daily Planner that gives you a whole page per day to fill with your memories, feelings, sketches and mementos, to a pocket Weekly Notebook, with a dated page on the left and a plain ruled page on the right that you can carry with you wherever you go.  
Moleskine Planners 2015  Moleskine Planners 2015
Select the right format for you – vertical or horizontal; daily, weekly or monthly; hard or soft cover; from XS to XL. Choose your favorite color or pick a character from our Limited Edition series as your new companion. 
Moleskine Planners 2015  Moleskine Planners 2015
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