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Moleskine Paper Toys
Download them, cut them, glue them and roll them. To make these downloadable presents you just need a printer, a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, some glue and a bit of cut&paste wizardry. It's the original 3D printing technique. 
A useful template to start with might be the M_Use Box; a hexagonal pen holder to contain all your tools. Keep yourself entertained over the holidays with the Wise Dice, a 12-sided shape that gives you tips and suggestions with every roll. Or if you know better, print out the Blank Dice template and fill in your own actions. Take a chance, roll the dice! 
Fold. Create a three-dimensional Paper Caper with a hexagonal base out of a single sheet of paper. Wow friends and family with your origami skills and don't worry, we won't tell them that it's actually really simple to make. Starting with the shape of a Moleskine paperband, work with scissors and folds to transform it into a kaleidoscope of continuously changing patterns, to be used as a decoration, as a place card or as a simple toy.
Don't forget to share them with us afterwards on instagram or twitter #template2014.
Happy handmade holidays from Moleskine! 
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