A downloadable gift

Paper-Caper-490.jpg Moleskine celebrates the coming of the new year with a small downloadable gift for its fans, a paper toy. This year's gift is the Paper Caper. It starts out in the shape of a Moleskine band. Working with scissors and folds, you can transform it into a kaleidoscope of continuously changing patterns, to be used as decoration, as a place card or as a simple toy.
Paper-Caper-Translator.jpgThe Paper Caper is made starting from a single sheet of paper, folding the different sections without removing any pieces. It is based on the Asian art of origami, the art of paper folding. The finished product is a three-dimensional shape with a hexagonal base.

You can download it in different colors and layouts, complete with instructions, from the MSK area. Have a good time cutting, folding and refolding.

And enjoy 365 new, blank spaces ready to be filled for a fun 2012.

Paper-Caper-Colors.jpg Paper-Caper-Optical.jpg

The Paper Caper was created by NeuBig, graphic studio specializing in paper toys.

Creative Studio: NeueBig
Concept: Daniela Berto/Diego Soprana
Designer/Illustrator: Diego Soprana
Designer/Photographer: Cecilia Melli
Writer: Cosimo Bizzarri

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