The other side of the paperband


Travel Notes gif
Your notebook is filled with paper pages that can be cut, pasted, drawn and written on. Now the paperband that comes wrapped around selected notebooks can be used to record experiences and craft stories. 
Pull it away from the notebook and turn it over: discover the travel notes on the B-side. Plot your notebook's movements on the map: which countries has it accompanied you to? By which means of transport? Did it make any friends when you were there? This is where you can store the DNA of your notebook for future reference. Once your paperband has been personalized you can cut it up and paste it inside the notebook for safe-keeping.
For all pocket and XS portfolios the B-side becomes a series of light-hearted emergency contact cards. For that moment when you spend the whole of a 3 hour train journey talking to the stranger next to you, then realize your train has pulled into your station. Just fill out your details, tear it off, and stay in touch. Leave them in your portfolio for when you need them.
Reuse and recycle paper, while reliving your travel experiences. Watch the gif above to see the B-side in action.
For more paper toys, templates and other customizable designs head over to myMoleskine.  

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