Parole in gioco

Moleskine will be at Urbino from 10th to 12th october with a special edition made exclusively for Parole in gioco 2008. Inside the Moleskine notebook there will be two inserts, designed for this occasion: il gioco dei versi spezzati (the game of broken verses) and il piccolo libro dei tre giorni narrati (the little book of the 3 narrated days)

paroleingioco_taccuino.jpg Il gioco dei versi spezzati (the game of broken verses)
In the envelope you'll find 3 pieces of paper with 35 small labels each. Each label carries, carefully mixed up, words from a verse composition from the Italian literary tradition: texts and verses that we all read and think we know by heart, but do we really? Try putting them back together by sticking the labels in the right order on your new Moleskine notebook.
We wish you all a good "play on words"!

Tre giorni narrati (three narrated days)
The 10th, 11th and 12th of October as told by three of the greatest writers of all times, three literary pages selected by Antonella Sbrilli for the third edition of Parole in gioco. Enjoy your reading!

From 1st to 9th october, waiting for Parole in gioco, you can count down with us by sending your narrated days to the following e-mail
They will be published on

The notebooks will be distributed to all participants to the tournaments and to visitors of Parole in gioco at Urbino on 10-11-12 october!
For all the fans of the Italian language and play on words lovers!

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