Peanuts Planners for 2014

Peanuts Planners 2014
"The more I study, the more I realize how little I know."
Getting you through all those Mondays is Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew's lightly humorous take on life. All new quotes and illustrations have been selected for the 2014 collection of Diaries and Planners, bringing the Peanuts philosophy to your daily organization and planning. In the photos below, these adventures are brought to the real world.
Peanuts Planners 2014  Peanuts Planners 2014
Cover captions: "There's something very exciting about going on a journey." | "The world is filled with Mondays."
Classic Peanuts situations are silkscreened onto a white cover: Snoopy leading a boy-scout summer camp, Snoopy and Lucy ice skating, Schroeder playing piano while Lucy listens on, Charlie Brown and Lucy reposing against a brick wall, looking wistfully across the horizon towards a new day.
Peanuts Planners 2014  Peanuts Planners 2014
Cover captions: "Bonjour, Sweetie!" | "This could very well be the most important day of your life!"
The Peanuts Planner has been designed as a companion for everyday and extraordinary journeys: whether they happen at school, on the weekend, or in the wild. Fill it with your plans, appointments and deadlines and personalize it with the themed sticker set in the back pocket. Take it with you wherever you go and never forget Snoopy's advice:
"Learn from yesterday
Live for today
Look to tomorrow
Rest this afternoon."
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Thanks to  Francesco Dolfo for the photos.
Peanuts 18 Month Planners are now available on the Moleskine Store. 12 Month Planners will be available from July 2013

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