Peanuts, the 18-month planner. With so many Mondays

Peanuts18_490.jpgTake life philosophically. With the humorous philosophy of Peanuts. This is the inspiration for the new 18-month weekly planner, designed for students and academics. Characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy are silk-screened on the cover, all in black and white, like the famous comic strip. Between thoughts about the world and daily organization, the planner covers the period from July 2012 to December 2013.

The layout is the same as the classic weekly planners, part notebook, part planner. On the left, the week appears vertically; on the right, there is a ruled page for comments and notes. An expandable pocket at the back contains 3 pages of subject labels and a removable address book for names and addresses. The planner has a hard cover.
Small and Large sizes with the following quotes, respectively: "The World Is Filled With Mondays" or "This Year Things Are Gonna Be Different!".

Peanuts18months_235_03.jpg Peanuts18_235.jpg
Penuts18months_235_04.jpg Peanuts18months_235_02.jpg

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