Lead that doesn't break

A new video tutorial led by Pix, a surreal analog/digital anchorman, presents the Moleskine Pencil Set. Fluorescent or graphite, in limewood or cedar, they clip onto your notebook with a special cap. The tip is highly resistant, to avoid the annoyance of broken lead in the sharpener. The cross-section is rectangular, recalling an antique carpenter's pencil. The matte casing is exclusively black. The sharpener with an extra strong blade is made to measure for Moleskine pencils. The pencils come with a set of 24 decorative mini stickers.

In the video, made by Gluekit, the phantom anchorman Pix demonstrates the analog set: the pencils, the accessories and the two new fluorescent colors, yellow and orange, to highlight and add color.

Pencil Set_235_05.jpg Pencil Set_235_06.jpg Pencil Set_235_08.jpg Pencil Set_235_09.jpg

A companion to journals and notebooks, the Moleskine pencil also attaches to the cover with the Pen Holder, which holds up to three pens or pencils, or the special rectangular Moleskine eraser. Also part of the Accessories Set are the silicon rubber grips to improve handling and make extended writing or drawing sessions more comfortable.

Pencil Set_235_14.jpg Pencil Set_235_13.jpg

The Pencil Set is available at the Moleskine Store in three different combinations: a set with two pencils, a cap and a sharpener; a set with graphite pencils only (2 with 2B lead and 1 HB); and a fluorescent set with two colored pencils, a cap and a sharpener.

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