Choose a Notebook or Planner and give it a name

Personalization is finally available with online purchases, add something special to the cover, your name! Create a one of a kind gift for your sisters birthday. Make personalized give-aways for your wedding, birthday, or event. Or do it for your own planner or notebook to make something unmistakably yours.


At home, keep all your family's Moleskine Notebooks distinguished by personalizing each one. At work, plan ahead and order your notebooks with the client's name printed on the front. At school, it's a way to organize different classes and subjects. 


To personalize your notebook, planner or diary visit our online store. Scroll through the range of customizable items by clicking on the "personalize" tab in the menu or wander through the store – the "personalize" icon in the preview picture will catch your eye! You can also simply proceed with your purchase. Personalization is available until just before check out.

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