Peter Pan Limited Edition Collection

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Who could fail to be captured by a story about magic fairy dust, an island with no rules (and no adults) and a roguish child-chief who refuses to grow up? This new Limited Edition Notebook Collection inspired by the timeless literary classic Peter Pan reminds us of our childhood dreams. And perhaps there is a Peter Pan in all of us if only we leave the window to our imaginations open.

Written by  J.M. Barrie and first published as a novel under the title Peter and Wendy in 1911, the story is an adventurous fairy tale about a mischievous little boy who lives in a made-up world called Neverland. At night he flies to London and sits outside the open window of a nursery to listen to bedtime stories. Through the same open window, he whisks three siblings off on an extraordinary journey. Like the open nursery window, the notebooks in this Limited Edition Collection are a gateway to a place where anything is possible, your very own Neverland.

Each of the four covers in the collection are customized with childlike hand drawn illustrations and four quintessential Peter Pan quotes to tempt the inner child in us all to emerge. A Collector's Edition box set in limited numbers is available for purchase at Moleskine Stores worldwide and on the Moleskine Online Store.

Join our Creativity Challenge!
Download the Peter Pan paper plane template and draw, sketch or create your very own Neverland. Take a picture of the paper plane landing there and upload it to myMoleskine with the hashtag #M_myNeverland. The winning entry will receive a supply of Moleskine items as well as an exclusive copy of the Peter Pan Limited Edition notebook. Click here to participate!

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