Pick up a pen: new colours in the Writing Collection


Moleskine Writing Collection Pens
Do you remember the first time you wrote your name? The physical strain of drawing the pen across the page, joining the letters together to make them neater, the sense of pride when the final stroke was done. It's the first word you learned to write. How many have you handwritten since then?
Moleskine Writing Collection pens
Pens have been with us at some of life's most important moments. Sending love notes across the classroom. Passing that exam that kept you up the night before. Taking down that phone number. Noting down directions in an unknown city. Signing your first lease. Far from being mere functional tools, they contain our innermost feelings, releasing them in beautiful, inky flows over a blank page. They have allowed us to express our deepest thoughts wherever we are, whenever we want. 
Moleskine Writing Collection Pens  Moleskine Writing Collection Pens
Picking up a pen means you have something to say. Say it with a handwritten note. After that, it's up to you whether to share it with the world or keep it to yourself. With more colours just added to our collection of click and clip pens, now's the right time. They're designed to clip onto any hard cover Moleskine notebook, so you'll always be prepared when inspiration strikes. Find your perfect pen and choose your favorite colour on the Moleskine Store now. 
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