Pipes and Banderoles

pompidou490def.jpgYellow pipes for electrical ducts, red for lifts and escalators, green for water, blue for air. The same colors used for the Centre Pompidou Special Edition banderoles.

The building was designed "inside out": the pipes are not hidden inside but shown in the facade. Conceived in the 60's, it was surprisingly assigned to a team of totally unknown young architects. Their names: Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers and Sue Rogers.

Since 1970 the Centre Pompidou has been a multifunctional center including modern and contemporary art, books, design, cinema.


The Special Edition notebook is available at Printemps Design and Flammarion Centre bookshop, located inside the Centre Pompidou.

A new step in the collaboration between Moleskine and the Centre Pompidou, which in 2008 hosted the Detour notebook exhibition.

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