Paper planners never run out of batteries

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When we open our new planners, still stiff and empty but aching with potential, we are hit with an enticing new paper aroma and see blank pages stretching into the future. What will the year bring?

These 18 month planners follow an academic calendar so the planner starts school when you do. They are available in a variety of colours, sizes and layouts to suit every personality.  No batteries required. With space for sketches, notes, inspired thoughts and everything in between, planners fulfill a further need than just writing deadlines.

Take a friendly companion with you—check out our special edition planners featuring beloved pop culture icons. 
Watch Rogier Wieland's stop motion animation inspired by Moleskine planners.

A full catalogue of planners and diaries are available on the Moleskine Online Store and at Moleskine Stores worldwide.

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