18 month planners: when 365 days aren't enough

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If 365 days are never enough for you, it may be time to start using an 18 month calendar instead. You can start your year early and pack in a full 6 more months of planning. Designed to fit the academic calendar year, Moleskine 18 month planners are ideal for anyone who doesn't feel like planning their years from January to December.

Moleskine 18 month planners come in three layouts – weekly, weekly horizontal and daily. Most people go for the weekly, not just because they come in rainbow shades of Sapphire Blue, Elm Green, Berry Rose and Maple Yellow as well as in classic Black and Scarlet Red, but also because it is the most flexible layout.


Week days are on the left with enough space to jot down the day's activities, appointments and important events. On the right the lined ivory page can be used for lists, ideas, sticky notes, doodles, or any way that you need from week to week. Weekly 18 month planners come in pocket and large and the Black and Scarlet Red planners also come with soft covers for plans that need to stay flexible. The weekly horizontal and daily layouts are only available in the most classic of shades, Black.


If solid color is not your thing, Moleskine Limited Edition Planners will get you through the next 18 months with cheer, excitement and wonder. Your favorite heroes will accompany you on your ordinary and extraordinary journeys with all the details that make Moleskine Limited Editions so special: original artwork inspired by popular icons on the cover and inside pages, a themed paperband and a set of themed stickers. What will you choose this year, the magic of Alice in Wonderland, the humor of Peanuts or the adventure of Star Wars? 18 month limited edition planners come in the weekly layout in pocket and large.

Don't forget that you can always mix and match your page layouts by downloading your favorite templates from myMoleskine.

Why not also add your name or a special message to the cover? It's easy with Moleskine personalization available in store and online.


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