New 18 Month Planners for 2014

18 Month Planners
With half of the year already gone, for some its only just beginning. Our new 18 month Planners start with the 1st of July so you can organize your holidays, plan for the start of the academic year in September and begin noting down important events in 2014. 
Express yourself with the colour and format that best suits your personality and schedule. Discover the new Planners collection below.
NEW FORMAT: Turntable diaries
Use it your way: Just like the spinning plate that plays records, this diary can be flipped 90°. Use it horizontally for keywords, vertically to be more descriptive, or both.
18 Month Planners  18 Month Planners
Peanuts diaries
New year new designs: illustrations and quotes from the Peanuts gang silkscreened onto a white cover, getting you through all those Mondays.
18 Month Planners  18 Month Planners
Star Wars diaries
Make plans of galactic proportions with all new Star Wars diaries. Then customize the cover with the themed stickers in the back pocket.
Weekly notebook diaries
Your diary and notebook in one, so you can keep your meetings, appointments and notes all together when planning your week.
Horizontal diaries
Spread your plans across the page from Monday through Sunday. Comes with tabbed pages insert and adhesive labels.
18 Month Planners available on the Moleskine Store.

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