83 different Planners for 2016

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83 different planners, 1,000 ways to use them. Whether you write a lot or like sticking mementos into your planner, or if you have tiny writing or use your diary as more of a to-do list, there's a format for you. In a wide range of colours, available from extra-small to extra-large, horizontal to vertical, hard or soft cover, Moleskine Planners will take you from pocket to desktop, January to December, and even analog to digital. Read on to find your perfect Planner

Daily Diaries/Planners

For those who see every day as a new adventure, big or small. Available in x-small, pocket and large sizes, each day gets its own page so no detail is missed. Comes in hard or soft cover, in a range of colours.

Can't choose one shade? The Colour a Month Daily Diary/Planner consists of an individual notebook for each month.

Hard Cover and Soft Cover Diaries/Planners include an address book insert, tabbed inserts, or adhesive labels.

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Weekly Diaries/Planners

For those who plan by the week, monitoring progress from Monday through Sunday. With a choice of vertical or horizontal view, from pocket to extra-large

The Weekly Notebook features the week on the left, a ruled page on the right. Perfect for organizing notes and reminders. Pocket and large sizes include address book insert.

For professionals, the pocket size of the Weekly Panoramic Planner is the perfect on-the-go reference. Take it to meetings and check it for dates, contact information and to-do lists, thanks to its 1 month snapshot and pre-defined layout. Includes adhesive labels in shimmering shades of metallic silver, gold and bronze.

The extra-large formats and hard covers of the Action Planner and Taskmaster Planner accommodate fuller calendars with the whole week on two pages, space for actions and projects, and 2 full-month snapshots. Address book included.

For busier schedules, the 6:00 – 20:00 daily format and large hard cover of the Weekly Dashboard Planner is the essential desktop companion. Includes address book insert and adhesive labels.

Or for those whose weeks run from one project to another, the accordion pages of the pocket-sized Project Planner help you see timelines in full. Use any of the 225 adhesive labels in the back pocket to mark milestones.

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Monthly Diaries/Planners

For those who see things in macro, only recording the important things. The Monthly Notebook features a soft cover and includes a monthly layout across two pages, followed by ruled pages for notes. From pocket to extra-large to fit any schedule. Includes adhesive labels.

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Limited Edition Diaries/Planners

For those who seek inspiration and excitement in their lives. Spend 365 days with your favorite pop culture character and choose from a variety of hard cover designs, in pocket or large, daily or weekly. Can include illustrated endpapers, customized flyleaves, themed adhesive labels and a smattering of other little details.

Star Wars: because always in motion is the future. View catalogue

Peanuts: because the world is filled with Mondays. View catalogue

Le Petit Prince: because what is essential is invisible to the eye. View catalogue

Preview the various page layouts or mix and match with our Diaries & Planners templates. Download templates for free from moleskine.com/templates.

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