Moleskine Planners. 56 models, 1000 ways to use them.

Planners_2012_490.jpg 56 models of planners, 22 new formats, 1000 ways to use them. A new gallery shows pages from Moleskine planners in use. It begins from large format planners for people who think in images and need plenty of space for drawing, coloring and pasting to planners used by professionals who prefer neatly arranged notes; from that person who loves tiny writing and can fit everything on a weekly layout to the student who fills his pages with color and clippings; from that person who views a planner as a simple to-do list to be checked off to someone who uses it as a personal diary.

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Planners2012_235_04.jpg Planners2012_235_12.jpg
A look inside Moleskine planners

Some of the choices available to mix and match:   the color of the cover, hard or soft cover, daily, weekly or monthly format and size, XS, pocket, large, X large or A4.

There are many new choices for 2012: special editions dedicated to Pacman and Peanuts, new Cover Art images, new families of Cahier notebooks and the new large format from the Professional line.

2012 Moleskine planners are available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS, Moleskine Asia and in select stores around the world.

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The new 2012 Moleskine planners

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