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Contact cards Portfolio
A distinctive small rectangle. Accordion pockets forming separate compartments which expand when pulled apart. Made of durable long fiber acid-free paper and cloth border. Rounded corners, elastic closure. We present the new Portfolio collection.
Designed especially for those smaller scraps of paper, business cards, tickets, receipts and notes that accumulate when you're on the move, the Portfolio comes in XS and pocket sizes. As a handy and multipurpose holder it is a portable organizational tool that stores all your important messages in one place, allowing you to collect your thoughts and stay organized.
Portfolio  Portfolio
The paperband that comes wrapped around the Portfolio is one starting point. Peel it away gently and turn it over to discover its hidden use as a series of emergency contact cards. Just fill in the blanks, and when you need to share your details with someone you can tear or cut it out and give them something to remember you by. 
Choose between 2 or 6 inner pockets and four different colours: Brilliant Violet, Magenta, Oxide Green and Black. Make sure your ideas don't get lost and memories are saved.
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