Moleskine Writing Collection

Refillable pens, cedar wood pencils and an accessories set designed to round out the writing kit. These are the writing and drawing instruments from the new Writing Collection, designed to attach to Moleskine notebooks with a simple clip.
NewCollections235_09.jpg WritingCo235_11.jpg

Fine 0.5mm or medium 0.7mm tip Roller Pens are available in classic black and metallic grey. They attach to notebooks with the clip-on cap or with the pen holder that holds up to three pens or pencils. The gel ink, created specifically for Moleskine paper, comes in several colors: black, blue, green, red, violet and brown. For those who prefer graphite, the pencil set includes a sharpener and a clip-on cap to protect the lead while attaching the pencil to the cover. In addition to the pen holder, the accessories set includes three flexible silicone rubber grips for a more comfortable writing experience.
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The Writing Collection is available at the Moleskine Store and in select shops around the world.

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