Lost in the Magic of Prague

A Cabinet of Curiosities, made up of found items and scattered Moleskine notebooks, scarred and worn and filled with pictures, symbols, secrets. The notebook is a perfect metaphor for the city as a place of memory,  in one moment revealed, in the next hidden by the turn of the page. Artists Francesco Librizzi, Annelise Zaccheria, Sebastiano Mauri, Loredana Longo, Roberto Crea, Raja Elfani, Cristina Alaimo were tasked with re-imagining elements from Angelo Maria Ripellino's novel, Magic Prague, in a dense, lyrical portrait of the city, at turns darkly intense, vibrant, and avant-garde.

The art installation is featured in the Italian Pavilion at this year's Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, curated by Franco la Cecla and Raffaella Guidobono, in collaboration with Moleskine. With more than 40,000 visitors expected through its doors and some 62 countries represented, the Prague art event aims to break down the perceived barriers between artistic disciplines.

The 11 th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space continues until June 26, 2011.

q_francesco_librizzi_235.jpg q_p_annelisa_zaccheria_235.jpg
Francesco Librizzi                                                               Annelisa Zaccheria

q_p_cristina_alaimo_235.jpg q_p_loredana_longo_235.jpg
Cristina Alaimo                                                       Loredana Longo

q_p_roberto_crea.jpg q_p_sebastiano_mauri_235.jpg
Roberto Crea                                                               Sebastiano Mauri

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