The Moleskine Praline. You choose what goes in it

Pralina Moleskine_490.jpgThe chocolate praline bonbon turns one hundred. To mark the occasion, here is a recipe for the new Moleskine Praline. Created by master confectioner Ernst Knam, the recipe is presented in the Chocolate Journal, or can be downloaded from myMoleskine in the templates area. Like with notebook pages, what you fill them with is left open, like a blank page. Together with cream, dark chocolate, butter, natural sugar and cocoa powder, each person can choose a spice to give their mixture personality: cardamom (seeds), cinnamon (sticks), vanilla (pods) or Mexican pepper (whole).
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   A few views from master Ernst Knam's workshop - Milan

The first modern chocolate praline was created by Jean Neuhaus in 1912. A dark chocolate shell filled with rum, named by its inventor as trial "1913".

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