Moleskine Planners: The wireless planning system

Wireless Planners
Unwrap. Slide to unlock. 
Plug in your details. Back up: in case of loss…
Increase your storage plan: open out the back pocket.
Does preparing your diary for the year ahead take as long as installing the latest operating system
There's no need for wires, wifi or waiting with a paper diary. Start planning your year ahead now by choosing a diary format that's right for you. Organize by day or week. Horizontally, vertically or turntable style. In full technicolor or classic black. With the cast of Peanuts, Le Petit Prince, Star Wars or LEGO bricks. With stickers, secret codes and little reminders.
And as the months go by, watch the progress bar: the bookmark ribbon moves further inwards with every day that passes. The elastic band stretches as the planner gets fuller. Your life, contained across its ivory-colored pages, with you wherever you go.
Tape your unwrapping moment as you prepare your Planner for 2014 and share the video with us on myMoleskine tagging it #unwrap2014.
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