PRO Collection: Moleskine objects for professional pursuits

Creative professionals and business professionals alike, find increased productivity and creativity. We focus on the details so you can focus on the task at hand. Stay on top of your work, wherever it takes you. 

The PRO Collection offers your favorite Moleskine objects with features to increase productivity and creativity in a professional environment. Unlock your notes as you pull back the elastic band, follow the ribbon to find the next page yet to be written and discover the benefits of increased organization.

PRO Collection 1

Move easily from your desk, to the meeting room, to a train, to a client's office and back with everything in one place. Your Professional Notebook or PRO Collection Workbook outfitted with a Moleskine Tool Belt with your writing tools and digital device inside. Or Choose the PRO Collection Pad, a portable note taker with strong, structured back to allow writing without a surface. Every page is double sided lines, thick enough so a pen won't bleed through. 

All your handouts organized into the six pockets of the Portfolio, confident they will arrive clean and unwrinkled; closed it resembles the legendary notebook. Your loose papers accompany you in our unique, A-4 sized Envelope in black, smooth, durable, material, the same material as our soft cover notebook. 

The Moleskine PRO Collection enhances your portable workspace

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