Planners: the large formats.

Professional-Planner-490.jpgXL and A4, with page layouts variously combined between daily, weekly, monthly and blank spaces for writing notes. These are the four large Moleskine planners designed for professional use.

New for 2012 are the Action planner, with vertical week laid out on two pages, and the Taskmaster planner, two pages for the entire week followed by two pages to fill with words, drawings and designs. At the back there is a removable, reusable address book.

Action and Taskmaster are part of the Professional Planners collection, which includes two pocket-size formats, for people who prefer always having their planners handy: the Panoramic model and the Project model, with accordion pages.

Professional-Planner-235-02.jpg Professional-Planner-235-01.jpg
                Panoramic Planner                                                            Project Planner

The Professional Planners have the same classic features of the Moleskine notebooks: black cover, elastic closure and expandable pocket.

Available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS, MoleskineAsia and in select stores around the world.

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