Designing a Moleskine pen

It begins with drawings in a notebook, a few sketches, some trials and errors. Then come the designs in AutoCAD and the 3D models, in wood and resin. For Giulio Iacchetti, designer of the new collections from Moleskine, the challenge was to find a way to make the pen adhere to the notebook.

Progettare-una-penna_325.jpg Giulio Iacchetti Design Study

Iacchetti experimented with different shapes. He carved models and added and removed details. The result: a pen with a square cap and a side clip that maintains the continuity of the rectangular shape and black color of the notebooks.

Progettare-una-penna_235_01.jpg Progettare-una-penna_235_06.jpg

 The Roller Pen is one of the instruments in the Writing Collection.

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