Moleskine celebrates the art of translation

QCA_490.jpgQueens, NY is one of the most diverse communities on the planet with 46% of its 2.2 million residents born outside the United States. Over 140 languages are spoken in Queens including Tagalog, commonly referred to as Filipino. To celebrate this diversity of language, the Queens Council on the Arts are spending a year focusing on translation with a series of events and readings called Queens in Love with Literature (QUILL). Audiences in Queens have the opportunity to hear from authors working in their own neighborhood, and perhaps in their own language.

Moleskine contributed to the project with a special edition notebook inspired by the art of translation. An hardcover pocket sized notebook with a purple paper band and a poem in Tagalog by Emmanuel Lacaba debossed in silver foil. Inside a silkscreened translation by Queens Poet Laureate Paolo Javier revealed the meaning behind those glittering words.

QCA_235_01.jpg QCA_235_04.jpg

The mission of the Queens Council on the Arts is to foster and develop the arts in Queens County, NYC and to support arts organizations and individual artists in presenting their cultural diversity for the benefit of the community.

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