Moleskine Reading Collection

Reading glasses, a portable and rechargeable booklight and an e-reader and book stand. These are tools from the Reading collection designed to complete the kit for the modern-day nomad who loves to travelling, writing and reading.

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With a black or transparent frame, Moleskine reading glasses have a unique feature: they have no right side; because of the symmetry of their design, they can be worn either way up. Rectangular with rounded corners, they hold reading lenses for far-sighted wearers and come in different strengths, from +1 to +3. Made to measure and sold separately is the black case with elastic closure which can also be used to hold pens, pencils and other small objects.

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Rechargeable with a USB connector, the Moleskine LED booklight is designed for reading in all low-light conditions. With its flexible material and clip-on design, it adapts to any hard surface including books, journals and notebooks.
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Designed as a stand for e-readers and books, the Reading stand can be set in different positions for reading, taking notes, skimming through images or watching a video.

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The Reading Collection is available at the Moleskine Store and in select shops around the world.

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