Author a month - Rebecca Venn

rebeccaVenn_foto_490.jpgAfter one month off, the " Author a month" initiative is back with a lot of content for you all.

As we wanted you to be more and more involved in the process of defining the best Authors within myMoleskine gallery, we decided for the first time to let you decide who to pick as "Author a month" via a Facebook entry.

You have chosen Rebecca Venn, but we went even further with your involvement.
We have asked on our blog, Moleskinerie, to choose three question we would have asked Rebecca. And here they are.

But as we said it's not all.

Not only we kept the realization of a custom Sleeve from the past series of "Author a month", but also created a custom Bookmark and left Rebecca the decision to fill up a blank Wise Dice or a M.Use Box. She realized a Wise Dice.

rebeccaVenn_imgSleeve235.jpg rebeccaVenn_imgBookmarks235.jpg

We think that though artistic expression you can better appreciate the features of an artist:

- Sleeve - "The Garden Cafe"
- Bookmark - "Cana Island"
- Rebecca Venn's Wise Dice

You can download the three files for free here.


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