Reporter Bag. The small shoulder bag.

ReporterBag_490.jpgThe smallest, handiest unisex shoulder bag in the Travelling collection is vertical in style. The design is inspired by the namesake reporter notebook that opens from the top with the elastic at the bottom. The Reporter Bag holds objects, A4 and pocket-size documents and a 13" laptop.  The inside is in two colors, black and ivory, like the notebooks.  
Reporter Bag_235_02.jpg Reporter_Bag_235_04.jpg
                      Front                                                                                Back

The semi-hard base protects the bag, helps it stand upright and keeps its shape, making it easier to find things inside. The strap is adjustable, with a hidden sliding buckle. The inside pocket has a zipper.

Reporter_Bag_235_08.jpg ReporterBag_235_01.jpg
Reporter_Bag_235_05.jpg Reporter_Bag_235_07.jpg
Illustrations by Brendan Leach

Available at the Moleskine Store, MoleskineUS, Moleskine Asia and in select stores around the world.

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