Restaurant Journal. A very personal dining guide

                            Moleskine Passions, a video account of the first notebooks in the series

A new notebook to map our dining experiences around the world: a good restaurant; a favorite literary café; where to get the best cocktail; places with late-night delivery. Everything that might be useful in our hometown and beyond. 

Restaurant Journal includes an international glossary with culinary destinations, curiosities and traditions. This is followed by subject sections to be filled with information and details on restaurants, cafés, bars, typical dishes and chef's suggestions, and subject pages and blank pages to be customized with comments, drawings, adhesive labels, photos and personal notes.  

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To try out the page layouts or to download them in your own language, all the templates are available in the myMoleskine section here

Restaurant Journal is part of the Moleskine Passions collection, a series of notebooks dedicated to the passions of life; as of 2012 they number seventeen, also counting the latest notebooks Art, Home Life, Chocolate and Beer. All are available at the Moleskine Store.

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