Classic Backpack: same bag, different destinations

Where you go tells a story about who you are

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Whether your destination is near or far, what you take with you defines your journey. Will you stay connected or go analog? Take just the essentials or also the accessories? Are you prepared to change direction, or will you stick to the itinerary regardless? Your choices speak of your intentions and expectations,and shape your traveling identity.

For the artists and writers from whom Moleskine draws its inspiration, travel was more than just a way to get places. Today we keep this spirit alive by designing objects that help you make your journeys unique.


Moleskine Classic Backpacks are more than just a way to carry with you what you need. They are a way to ensure that your journey will be uniquely yours. Like a comfy pair of shoes your bag walks with you, transporting you on your journey and taking the shape of your travels.


From the outside, your bag tells a story of functionality and design – a discreet black rectangle with padded adjustable straps and a molded base made of soft-touch polyurethane that protects your items from weather, bumps and heavy hands. Look inside, and see the story of your journey – where you hope to go, what you hope to do, who you hope to become.

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